Want To Stop Snoring? Here The Best Solutions!


Snoring has been a problem since the beginning of time. Up to 40% of the middle-aged men snore and it’s not just men, but up to 28% middle-aged women also snore.

Snoring is basically the sound which is made when there is disturbance in the nasal passage. As a result, a sound is produced in the mouth which we call as snoring. The main causes of snoring are smoking, alcohol, and being overweight.

Snoring Solution

However, the market is flooded with treatments and remedies that claim to beat snoring.. Here are a few proven snoring solutions which are effective and help in overcoming the snoring problem.

1. Change in sleeping position

Change in the sleeping position can help in reducing the snoring problem. The theory behind this fact is that when we lay straight, the tongue and muscles in the throat collapse which blocks the airway and causes snoring.

2. Inhaling steam

Inhaling steam can be very helpful as it helps in clearing any nasal congestion. It is very effective and the person can sleep easily without any blockage and there is no problem of snoring.

3.  Asonor nasal spray

Asonor nasal spray is a miraculous snore relief spray, it helps in reducing and eliminating sleep disorders such as snoring. It is a medicated nasal spray which opens a person’s airway with a regulated supply of medicine. It further strengthens the airway muscles and ensure less relaxation of muscles with each use.

4. Higher pillow

The main reason to sleep on higher pillow is to keep the airway open by supporting the neck so that the throat is less constricted. It can be effective when it comes to getting rid of the snoring but it can give you an uncomfortable curve or a pain in the neck or the spine.

5. Chin-up strips

Chin-up strips are usually a sticky plaster kind of a thing which is supposed to be worn at the jawline to keep the mouth closed while sleeping so that the person breathes through their nose instead of their mouth.

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