5 Effective Recommendations to Cure Snoring


Snoring is one of the problems that is most often ignored. People, who snore, tend to take their problem lightly. However, snoring has many health consequences. People who snore heavily, may suffer from heart diseases, sleep disorders, mental disorders, obesity, high blood pressure and many more. Hence, it is very important to understand how to cure snoring problem.

Snoring is a vibrating sound that is produced during sleep resulting from constricted air passage while breathing. The snores can be as loud as snorting or as soft as low whispers. Snoring is a problem that must not be ignored. There is a variety of cures for snoring available in the market. However, it is best to consult a physician to determine the cause of snoring. Once the cause of snoring has been established, it becomes easier to choose the right medicine. Also, a doctor can help monitor the progress of the treatment. Let us look at few of the recommended ways to cure snoring.

  1. Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the best ways to cure or keep snoring problem in check, especially for obese people. People who have gained weight, tend to have fat tongue and having fat tongue is directly linked to heavy snoring.

Weight Loss

  1. Anti – Snoring sprays

This is a medical treatment prescribed by the consulting physician. The physician may prescribe the right spray with correct dosage to be taken accordingly. It is one of the cost-effective and very easy to use methods to cure snoring. There is a variety of brands available in the market. For example, Asonor is one of the anti –snoring spray that can be used to cure snoring. However, one must be careful to use the spray that is prescribed by the physician.

Asonor Nasal Spray Bottle_200x265

  1. Exercise and yoga

Exercising is one of the most beneficial ways to cure or keep snoring problem in check. Exercising helps in maintaining body weight and keeping the overall body healthy. Yoga and deep breathing exercises help to keep the respiratory track clean and muscles strong and flexible.

Exercise & Yoga

  1. Correct sleeping position

It is important to sleep in the right position continuously throughout the night. It is better to sleep on one side rather than sleeping on the back. Also, a proper pillow must be used so that while sleeping head is raised at least four inches so that breathing is not obstructed, and the tongue falls forward and air passages are clear.

Correct Sleeping Positions

  1. Eating healthy

Eating healthy is one of the best ways to keep snoring problem in check or curing. One must avoid cold or frozen food items which cause common cold and result in blockage of nasal cavity or sinuses. Also unhealthy foods or high-calorie diet results in weight gain. When a person gains weight, he or she gains weight around the neck as well which puts pressure on breathing.

Healthy Food

Thus, people can figure out how to cure snoring with the solutions as mentioned above. However, it is best to consult a doctor in case the snoring persists as they may be able to run you through some tests and prescribe the right medication.

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