Why do people snore?

Why do people snore?

Snoring is a very common issue amongst the common population. It causes people to not get enough sleep as well leads to them developing possibly fatal diseases such as strokes, digestive disorders amongst other conditions.

Snoring is usually touted to be just a trivial condition by many thinking that it only just disturbs the spouse or the bed partner and that it is not a major risk to the person’s life. Many times the apnea is so drastic that the person stops breathing for several seconds and this leads to decreased oxygen in blood which leads to a variety of medical conditions including heart disease, headaches, fatigue, Nocturia etc. Research shows that snorers have an increased risk of suffering from various illnesses such as OSA, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, coronary and brain haemorrhage.

But, have you ever wondered what causes snoring? Has anyone tried to understand the reasons behind people snoring? Why do people snore? There are a variety of reasons that leads to snoring problems in individuals.

While snoring is linked to fatigue and headaches, let us try to understand the answer to the question, why do we snore?

Snoring is majorly caused by the vibration in the soft palate which leads to a strained lung. This leads to the body being less oxygenated. It may also be a result of the relaxation that occurs in your throat muscles that keep the air way unobstructed as well as because of any formation of excess tissue around the airway.

Is snoring common?

Yes! Snoring is a common phenomenon which has existed for as long as people have slept. Calculations concerning the frequency of snoring show, it is so common, that there is a snorer in nearly every second home. Men are more frequent snorers than women. This difference is equalized during the years.

There are a variety of reasons that lead to heavy snoring or why do I snore?:

Alcohol intake generally leads to increase in snoring due to the fact that the muscles in the throat get relaxed and it obstructs the airway. It is usually advisable to not go to bed inebriated.

Weight Gain- Excess weight that has been either gained over a period of time or a sudden weight gain can be another reason behind the increased snoring. This could be because of the strain that the excess fat tissues may be putting on your lungs or because of the fact that more oxygen is being used in the different parts of the body.

Sleeping on an improper pillow/bed- sleeping on overtly soft pillows or beds may also cause for the body’s form to collapse and hence cause snoring. These things can usually be solved with a bed either which is prescribed by your physician/chiropractor or can be simply exchanged for another firmer bed.

Sedatives or Antihistamines- Taking/consuming sedatives such as sleeping pills, anithistamines, cold medicines etc. may also cause obstruction by the relaxation of throat muscles. Such medicines as much as possible should be avoided before bedtime.

Apart from these, there are many genetic as well as other reasons such as an injury to the nasal cavity etc. which may be the cause for your snoring.

What is our solution?

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You will never have to worry, never ask yourself “Why do I snore?” ever again!!

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